Stock Photography


Stock photography involves photos that a photographer takes based on what they are interested in. With this kind of photography, it could be used for things like magazines, advertisements, brochures, and websites. There are different licenses involved with these types of photos and they could be rights managed or royalty free stock.


When talking about rights managed photography, it would involve photos stock photos that are to be licensed specifically for a certain purpose and time. This would also mean that the certain photo could only be used for that certain campaign. Charges would also be based on the campaign ad size where the stock photo would be used. If there is an instance where they would want to use the photo again, they could pay another fee. Recurring fees are referred to as royalties and they could vary depending on the use of the photograph.


Royalty free stock would allow you to use the image for different times with just one single fee. This means that no royalties are being paid. You can use the photo for various campaigns if you wanted to. There are also things like royalty free micro lifestyle stock photography. Advertisers can use these images and just pay a few dollars for the license. This has become popular among website based business and other small companies. This is because the fees are inexpensive, but you can still get good quality photos.


It is also important that you look at the restrictions of the images even if they are royalty free. Even if you don't pay royalties they don't automatically mean that they are for public use or copyright free so you need to be aware of the guidelines involved. Learn more about photography at


Depending on what your needs are, you can then determine what type of stock photography you would require. You need to determine the needs of the audience and what your goals are for them. How exclusive your campaign ad will be could also affect your decision. Of course, budget should also be taken into consideration.


The cost of the image would also depend on the size and resolution. If the resolution is high, it would also mean you can re size the image without losing its quality. If you are using the images for a website, then it can have a lower resolution since it should be able to load fast while stock photo that are to be printed should have a higher resolution.

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